Blakes Victory


Only available with white seat and cover

TBV0859 Blakes Victory White Seat & Lid
TBV0859M Blakes Victory Mahogany Seat & Lid
  • Now manufactured with improved gland (pump top) seals.

  • The castings for all models are manufactured in bronze to give maximum corrosion resistance.

  • Separate pumping systems ensure that clean water and waste are never mixed.

  • Suitable for use with holding tank. 

  • Safely fitted above or below water line. 

  • All models have an oval, white easy to clean vitreous china pan.

  • Choice of seat and lid finish, either white painted wood or varnished mahogany (if not specified at time of purchase white painted seat & lid are standard). 

With a stylish porcelain bowl and its operating mechanism built in Bronze for an exceptionally long working life, this toilet is the big brother to the classic "Baby" Blake which is well known and respected by yachtsmen and women the world over.  Reliable, "fixable" and backed by Blake's renowned spares service this is the marine head that sets the standard for all others. 

The  standard model supplied has the pumps on the right (as you face the toilet) with rigid handle on discharge pump and connection for 1.5" bore flexible hose or metal plumbing (2" outlet option is available).   

At minimal extra cost you can specify:

  1. Left hand pumps set up 
  2. Detachable handle on discharge pump
  3. Cap & lining outlet (for easy pipe removal or rigid piping)
A 10" (255mm)
B 21" (530mm)
C 21" (530mm)
D 16" (405mm)
E 20" (510mm)
Discharge Pump Hose connection outlet for 1 1/2" bore flexible hose or metal plumbing (2" outlet option is available)
Flushing Pump Connections for 3/4" bore flexible hose or metal plumbing
Rigid Handle Only for discharge pump
Blakes Victory Spares Kit  TBV0881


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