LAVAC Toilets

Water isn't coming into the bowl
A Seat and/or lid seal worn - replace; Bleed plug has been removed - replace; Lid cracked, breaking vacuum - replace; Seat not flat on bowl rim, lid not flat on seat - Adjust hinge till both flat. Electric versions - Increase 'runtime' of pump by adjusting screw rear of push button.

Q Insufficient water enters bowl
A As above + possibly too large hole in bleed plug - Replace; Too great a lift from waterline to bowl, height & length - Re plumb with part of pipe lower than waterline for first part of run.

Q How to test if we have a vacuum on the Lavac
Close the seat and cover and operate the pump. If you give the suggested 14
or so strokes of the pump you should find that you will not be able to lift the
seat and/or  lid of the toilet, which proves you have a vacuum.  If everything
is operating as it should the vacuum should last for between 75 and 120 seconds.

Q Foul water appears to come back into bowl
A Lower pump valve not seating correctly due to scale build up or old valve - Break up scale or replace valve.

Q Toilet smells when first pumped
A This is normally caused by micro-bacterial growth in the Inlet hose when the boat is left unused for some time - Flush a few times to wash out hose.

Q Electric Pumped version doesn't flush properly
A Minimum run time of pump inadequate should be (12v systems 50/55 seconds, 24v systems 45/50 seconds) - Increase run time by adjusting screw, rear of push button; Incorrect inlet valve fitted - Replace with appropriate valve.

Q Toilet bowl bubbling or blistering
A Very old model with coated alloy bowl - Strip and re-paint with 2 part epoxy, or contact us about replacement toilet bowl prices.

Q Hand or electric pump not working efficiently
A Pump not mounted vertically - Re-mount vertically; Bottom of pump too low - Re-mount pump with lower part above lid of toilet.

Q Too much water in bowl
A No bleed plug or bleed plug with too small a hole in inlet hose - Fit Bleed plug or enlarge hole until vacuum breaks more quickly.

Q Leaks from back of pump
A Water may be travelling down the thread of eye bolt - Smear with silicon grease and tighten nut.

Q Pump blocked
A Inlet valve held open by blockage - Open front cover of pump, check and clear; Scale build up in pump - physically remove by breaking away, bending pipe to crack away, dissolve by leaving in vinegar/water 50/50 solution for several days.

Q Pump hard to operate
A Seacock may be closed - Open; Pump/pipe blocked - Remove front cover and clean.

Scale build-up in pump/discharge pipe.
A Caused by chemical reaction with minerals in water - clear from pipe work by removing from system and "working" (bending to break up hard deposits) then banging pipe to empty.  Physically remove from pump components by breaking away and emptying.  Dissolve in a solution of water and vinegar (50/50) for several days then flush. 


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