Lavac Popular



TLZ0801 Popular T/A Hand Pump
TLZ0802 Popular U/D Hand Pump 
TLZ0809 Popular No Pump
TLZ0803 Popular 12 volt Electric Pump 
TLZ0804 Popular 24 volt Electric Pump
  • Reliability - only moving parts are in diaphragm pump 
  • Simplicity - one pump operation 
  • Durability - Porcelain bowl with rugged pump
  • Ideal for use with holding tanks
  • Hand or electric options 
  • Minimum maintenance required 
  • Left & right discharge options 

For lighter applications, the Popular has been production engineered to significantly reduce costs while maintaining the benefits of this simple and highly effective system.  It is particularly suitable for holding tank applications due to its minimal use of flushing water.




  1. Inlet Seacock

  2. Hand Pump

  3. Air Inlet Valve 

  4. Discharge Seacock

  5. Multi-Directional Base

Electric pump arrangement with manual backup pump


Hand Pump Kit TLZ 0951
Electric Pump Kit TLZ 0956
Seat  Seal  TLZ 8065
Lid Seal  TLZ 8066



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