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The Lavac has earn the reputation of being the worlds most reliable sea toilet. Since it's introduction in 1963 it's patented vacuum flushing method has not been equaled by any other system. 

Quite simply it works! and works quite simply which makes it ideal for guests on board. 

The operation is so simple and straight forward - Close the seat and lid to seal the toilet and operate the large capacity diaphragm pump to pump out the waste. As the waste is removed, a vacuum is formed inside the bowl drawing in rinsing water. After a few seconds the siphon break releases the vacuum and the toilet is ready for use again.

For more information download the user manual

User manual

Holding Tanks  - We have to respect the marine environment and law makers are ensuring we do!  Holding tanks are increasingly common and here the Lavac wins again.  Low water consumption maximizes available holding tank capacity.  By adjusting the siphon break the water consumption can be fine tuned still further. 

Where you can discharge overboard, a simple diverter valve after the pump, allows you to select either holding tank or seacock.  Add a further diverter valve prior to the pump and you can now select to pump from either the holding tank or the toilet.  This will then allow you to use the toilet pump as the holding tank discharge pump.

In short the Lavac is a complete toilet system in itself ideal for any boat.

Choosing the product for YOUR needs

  • The Lavac Popular - for lighter applications

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