Taylors 043 Gas


CTG0243 Model 043 Gas Cooker 
  • CE approved

  • 2 Burner & grill with separate oven

  • Made for catering for the whole family or crew.

  • Two burners which are suitable for 2 heavy pans.

  • Adjustable oven shelf heights

  • Flame failure safety devices on all burners

  • Electric ignition

  • Thermostatically controlled

  • Sturdy gimbals

The Taylor's 043 is a smaller version of the 041, this fully CE marked cooker has been designed to fit in the standard space allowed in the majority of galleys. The 2-burner hotplate, deep grill and adequate oven will enable the crew to be well fed and catered for no matter what the conditions. Its polished stainless steel look, pan clamps that clamp, fiddle rails that are deep enough to hold a heavy pan in a seaway is an ideal choice for almost any boat.

Designed for serious yachtsmen and offers uncompromising quality and performance.

A 458mm
B 50mm
C 458mm
D 520mm
E 440mm
F 50mm
G 90mm
H 450mm
I 38mm
J 505mm
K 165mm
L 560mm
M 405mm


Fuel Liquid Petroleum Gas 
Supply Pressure Propane 37mbar - Butane 28mbar
Burner Heat Output Top Burners: 1.5kw
Grill: 1.4kw
Oven: 2.5kw (up to max 250oC)



Extended Cruising Kit CTG Extd Old
Extended Cruising Kit CTG Extd New 



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