Taylors 089



HTD0603 Model 089 Diesel Stainless Steel Front 
HTD0604 Model 089 Diesel Brass Front
  • Fuel: Diesel or Paraffin
  • Inline fuel filter
  • Stainless steel or Brass finish
  • Suitable for inland waterways with option of Thermostatic control
  • Through deck fitting and cowl included
  • Built in draught regular
  • Includes water heating option
  • 5.8kw 

In some parts of the world the boating season is all too short. However, with an effective and reliable heating system it can be considerably extended and comfortable, pleasurable boating can still be enjoyed. The 089 is the largest heater in the range and is capable of keeping a reasonable sized boat extremely warm. 

Designed for the larger craft the Taylor's 089 diesel/paraffin heater gives out 5.8Kw of dry heat enough to heat 50 - 75 m3. Built from polished stainless steel with an option of outer polished brass panels. The heater top is vitreous enamelled cast Iron and provides an ideal place to boil a kettle. At the heart of the heater is a clean burning vaporising pot burner and the reassuring blue flame can be seen through the heaters front glass.

Inland:  Will only cope with modest ships movement.  Will accept thermostatic control.

Burner Pot Size 7"
Nom Cap (kW) 5.8
Chimney Length (m) 2.0
Weight (kg) 28
Fuel Consumption (litres per hour) 0.18 - 0.96

Installation Kit (supplied with heater):

4x 0.5m single wall flue pipe 
1x Through-deck fitting 
1x 0.5m Twin wall external flue pipe, with "anti downdraught" cowl
1x Fuel filter 
1x Fuel isolation valve 


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